Larger Than Life 

Whoever would have thought that we would end up eating ourselves to death? But that's what we are doing and we're doing a pretty good job of it.

Obesity is now ranked as the number 1 risk factor to health in Australia. Overweight and obesity has exceeded tobacco and is now the biggest risk factor to our health.

61% of Australian adults are currently classified as overweight or obese and if current trends continue, this figure will increase to 66% by 2020.

Obesity puts people at a higher risk of chronic health problems including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Are you overweight or obese?

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Does it matter if you are an apple or a pear?

This new study has reported that the apple shape is no riskier than other shapes when it comes to risk of cardiovascular disease. In short all types of obesity are linked to cardiovascular disease. Read more...

Obesity is a killer in its own right

Overweight and obesity has been associated with heart disease via its links to health risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. It now appears that obesity may be a heart disease killer in its own right. Read more...

Remain obese and shorten your life

Australian males become overweight and obese in increasing numbers between the ages of 35 and 44. Women hit their obesity peak later by age 55. Once you're there you have a pretty good chance of staying that way to age 75 and beyond.

The amount of time that you have been obese may be more important than your level of obesity when it comes to your lifespan. If you have been obese for between five and fifteen years, your risk of death is twice that of those who have never been obese.

Obese individuals have the greatest impairment at work

Increasing weight impacts on work absence, work producitivity and disruption of work, family and social life. Read more...

How did we get this fat?

Weight gain occurs when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure habitually right? Well, that's about it in simple terms, but there are loads of other factors including desire for convenience and changes in food production that place upward pressure on our energy intake.

Add to this an environment where it's really easy to use a very small amount of energy to achieve daily tasks and you can start to appreciate that to maintain a healthy weight, food selection and exercise has to become a conscious choice. This requires behaviour change and those habits can be hard to change!

Executive Health and Weight Management at Wesley Corporate Health

Our Executive Health Evaluation provides you and your executive team with a comprehensive, 2 hour, in clinic confidential screen of medical, physical and mental health. Our Executive Health Program is specifically designed to identify health risk factors and maximise your ability to make lifestyle modifications that lead you to sustained behaviour change.

At Wesley Corporate Health, we understand that preventing and reducing obesity is a challenge. That's why we offer a complimentary dietetic consult to every executive who attends our Executive Health Program with a BMI that is over 30.

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Need Help in the Workplace? Project 10 Weight Loss Challenge

We are experts when it comes to weight loss! Project 10 offers the benefits of Wesley Weight Management Clinic's award winning weight loss program in a small group workplace setting.

Designed to reduce the impact of obesity on your company's productivity, the innovative 17 week medically supervised program delivers weekly Dietitian care, practical exercise recommendations and meal plans tailored to employees' job requirements. The goal is 10% weight loss; which will improve your employees' health, reduce their health and safety risk and increase their productivity. That's great for your employees' wellbeing - and for your company's bottom line.

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