Laurie Finds a Better Performance

Laurie Johnson had completed Ironman triathlons but knew he had a better performance just waiting to get out. He recalls,

"I'd been researching lactate testing as a means of improving my race times. When a friend told me about Wesley Corporate Health's Peak Performance Lab I discovered that it offered cycling and running tests with lactates, so I signed up straight away."

Laurie Johnson in trainingWhen Laurie arrived at the Peak Performance Lab the Exercise Physiologist assessed his physiology and hence the suitability of his current training regime. Laurie says,

"He told me my training intensity was way too high. This was causing me to fatigue very quickly and I couldn't shed any body fat."

"Since reducing my training intensity I've dropped seven kilos and two clothing sizes - that's before we even considered performance improvements!"

The other problem Laurie had was that after riding his bike he was experiencing excruciating hip and back pain. The Exercise Physiologist told him,

"A bike should feel like an extension of the body. If you are forced to reach for break levers or you are experiencing pain after extended periods of time in the saddle, chances are the bike set up isn't optimal."

Laurie comments,

"It was great to learn why I was experiencing pain - my bike set up wasn't right and my core strength was poor."

"The Exercise Physiologist altered my bike position and prescribed functional stability exercises. As a result I'm pleased to say that I'm now pain free!"

Laurie now enjoys a personalised training program that incorporates structured sessions, heart rate monitoring and split times. But at the end of the day the proof of the pudding is in the eating. To date there's only one race Laurie can use as a comparitor, the Gold Coast Half Ironman. He says,

"Whereas the 2006 event was held on a relatively easy day, the 2007 event was completed in hot and windy conditions. So I was delighted to have improved my overall time by more than 48 minutes!"

Laurie made considerable improvements in all three disciplines, as evidenced by the following splits:

   Swim  Bike  Run  Overall
 2007  35:47  2:38:39  2:03:54  5:18:21
 2006  36:32  2:51:36  2:38:48  6:06:57

Laurie reflects,

"The 2007 time is my best ever overall performance in half Ironman triathlon.

"I'm really happy with the results I've achieved with my new personalised training program."

Keen for his loved ones to experience great results, Laurie sent his 14 year old son, Matt, to the Peak Performance Lab.

"Matt is a promising middle distance runner. As a result of his visit to the Peak Performance Lab I've no doubt his next school cross country season will be a great one."

To book a session at the Peak Performance Lab call 3234 2600.

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