On Fire: Craig Lyons

When Craig Lyons first visited the Peak Performance Lab he weighed 107kgs and had recently completed his first marathon, designing his own training program by researching books and magazines. Craig recalls,

"I was pretty happy to finish a marathon, but the week after I was physically ill from incorrect training and nutrition. I swore I'd never do it again!

Many people say running a marathon is like giving birth: as the pain becomes an unpleasant memory rather than an aching reminder, you contemplate doing it again. Craig, too, decided to take another shot at the mythical 42.195km journey. He smiles,

"But this time I decided to seek professional training advice!"

Craig ticks off the kilometres at target pace during the 2008 Gold Coast MarathonCraig noticed an article about Wesley Corporate Health's Peak Performance Program in a triathlon magazine and decided to book himself in.

"I thought I was fit, but my test results suggested that I had been training incorrectly; way too much high end running and riding. The Exercise Physiologist gave me a new training program.

Less than a year after Craig's first bout of testing he tackled the Gold Coast Marathon. His race weight was 77kgs and he finished a tad under 3.09, more than an hour faster than his first attempt.

"I was over the moon. I was a little sore for the next week, but I was enthused and already looking for more. My results kept improving for the remainder of the year at the Gold Coast Half Ironman and Mooloolaba Triathlon", he said. 

With that feeling of success, Craig made a decision to do an Ironman.

"I was conservative and just wanted the finisher's shirt, so I was slower then the Lab testing suggested I was capable of."

With the Ironman completed, Craig's final goal for was to complete a marathon runner's dream - running sub three hours. He returned to his training schedule after recovering from the Ironman, becoming a lot more specific in his preparation for the 2008 Gold Coast Marathon. Craig recalls,

"With the hard training done and only a few weeks to go, I had a Peak Performance test to determine my pacing for the race. This gave me details on what heart rate and speed I needed maintain in order to achieve my goal.

"The test result indicated I should be able to do a sub three hour marathon. In fact, running at my best it predicted a 2hr 55 mins! Wow, I was blown away." Gritting his teeth over the closing stages, Craig stayed focussed on breaking the 3 hour marathon mark

"I went into the race confident that my training and nutrition had been optimised. That made the overall experience even better, as I knew I'd done everything possible to get myself to the start line in the best possible shape.

"During the race, I took a gel every 20 mins and checked my watch at every 5km mark and obtained the following results:

5kms = 19.59
10kms = 20.37
15kms = 20.38
20kms = 20.40
Half way = 1:26.25
25 kms = 20.42
30 kms = 21.47
35 kms = 22.14
40 kms = 22.56
Finish = 2:59.27

"Finishing under three hours was the best feeling imaginable. With that goal crossed off the list, I'm already thinking about my next foray into the Ironman. But this time I don't think I'll be quite so conservative."

To book a test at the Peak Performance Lab call 3234 2600.

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