Our Doctors perform a comprehensive examinationKey Components of our Executive Health Evaluation

There are six key components to the Executive Health Evaluation:

1. Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire

The confidential web-based questionnaire allows our health professionals to access a comprehensive picture of your executives': 

2. Medical Evaluation

Our Doctor will discuss the results of your executives' questionairres and perform a:

Any executive found to have serious health risks is given immediate access to the latest screening technologies and specialist referrals.

3. Pathology Testing

Our Doctor will review your executives' pathology results; which include:

Any areas of concern will be discussed and noted for follow up with your executives' GPs.

Our Exercise Physiologists measure cardiovascular fitness4. ECG

An Exercise Physiologist will perform a treadmill and resting ECG to give them an accurate exercise program prescription.

5. Physiology Testing

The Exercise Physiologist will measure your executives':

Executives with an unhealthy BMI are referred to the Wesley Weight Management Clinic for a free assessment.

6. Reporting

Executives receive a comprehensive report outlining their medical results within two weeks of their assessment.

For more information about our Executive Health Evaluation, call Neil Glockling on 3234 2609.